8th Grade Proj - Wk 6


Week 6: Stations of the Cross

Mrs. Ryan’s 8th Grade Youth Ministry Class Lenten Project

The Stations of the Cross, or Way of the Cross, is a form of devotion commemorating the Passion and death of Christ for the redemption of our sins, and through His resurrection the promise of eternal life.


How to use the Station Cards:

Click each Station to reveal the name of the Station, a Focus Word (to help relate your life to the passion and suffering of Jesus) and a Prayer Petition.


Meditate and Pray on each station.

We suggest you include praying an Our Father, Hail Mary , and Glory Be at the end of each station in recognition of God our Father, Mary, Jesus’ mother, and affirming our faith in the Holy Trinity.




Resources:  Focus and Petition statements from Jim Merhaut. Way of the Cross for Families, Liguori Publications, 2008.