Bible Study

Our Lenten Bible Study was a sucess with a larger number of participants than we had hoped for.  Thanks to everyone who joined and helped make it a great opportunity.  Look for more information in the future on further Bible study sessions.

Bible Study

As we are rapidly nearing the season of Lent, please take note that we will be offering a Lenten Bible study on Saturday mornings from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  We will have four sessions: February 20th, February 27th, March 13th, and March 20th.  March 6th will be considered a mid-season break.  All are welcome to join in the faith wing of Sacred Heart OR Zoom in from home.  The Zoom meeting details will be posted online as we get closer to the dates.  Be sure to watch for that on the parish website and Facebook page.

As for the content itself, we will read and explore the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday Masses.  For instance, on February 20th, we will read the Gospel for the 1st Sunday of Lent: Mark 1: 12-15.  Originally, I planned to pair that Gospel reading with an Old Testament reading of some kind.  However, now that the program is coming together, we will keep things simple and stick to the Gospel alone.  In place of a second reading, we will use the other half of our time to cover a particular methodology of Biblical criticism.  In that way, we will be better equipped to read the Bible in a correct, informed, and wise way – no matter which book of the Bible we happen to explore in the future.  To point to February 20th once again as an example, we will take time to unpack the notion of Textual Criticism.  Mark 1: 12-15 will be particularly useful for that discussion.

The session’s final minutes will hopefully be spent in group discussion, as we share how this reading might affect us as individuals and modern Catholics.  That will certainly be the case for those in person.  For those who join us virtually, participation may have to depend upon how many people are in virtual attendance in the first place.  While it would be quite nice to have dozens of people attend these sessions online, I sincerely doubt we’d be able to give everyone a fair chance to speak under such conditions.

Finally, as initially promised, these sessions are stand-alone lessons.  While you will certainly gain more by attending all of them, you do not need to make the early sessions in order to participate in the later ones.  If you’re busy in February, you are still most welcome in March!

I hope to see many of you in Lent, on these Saturday mornings.  Looking farther into the future, with this Lenten miniseries serving as something of a test run, I hope that we can start other small group discussions and/or Bible studies in the future.

In the meantime, please keep healthy, stay safe, and be sure to make a worthy sacrifice for the season of Lent.  We can always do better than avoiding chocolate for 40 days!


-Father Justin


Zoom Meeting Info

Use the Zoom app from your device or go to Join.Zoom.US and use the following Meeting ID and Passcode information for each meeting you are able to attend.

Lent Bible Study
Session #1, February 20
Meeting ID: 836 4019 5156
Passcode: 123456

Session #2, February 27
Meeting ID: 840 4364 1418
Passcode: 234567

Session #3, March 13
Meeting ID: 837 6134 6893
Passcode: 345678

Session #4, March 20
Meeting ID: 863 2788 9283
Passcode: 987654