New Procedures for COVID-19

We want to keep our students as safe as possible during this time of Covid-19, so we are asking the following:

  • Upon entering the building (door leading to the Faith Wing only) each person will wear a mask.  If someone forgets or doesn’t have one, we will provide one. 
  • The student will go directly to his/her classroom. 
  • Once in the classroom, h/she will use the hand sanitizer provided and proceed to assigned seat. 
  • Social distancing spacing rules will be implemented. 
  • The students should stay in their assigned seat at all times unless permission has been given to move. 
  • No food of any kind (not even wrapped) will be allowed till further notice. 
  • The water fountain is off limits right now, so students will have to provide their own water to drink. 
  • Only open stalls may be used in the bathroom. (The rest are blocked off with yellow caution tape). 
  • Classes will be dismissed by grade at the end of the evening in front of the Faith Wing door, so please wait outside in your vehicle until your child appears. 

All of these rules are open to change depending on Covid-19 standards.