New Parishioner

What does "Registered Parishioner" mean?

Parish registration implies that you will be an active participant in this community and that we will minister to you.  It is a mutual relationship.  You agree that you will usually celebrate Sunday Mass with us; that you will volunteer your talent to parish programs, activities and fundraisers; pray for the well-being of the parish; and contribute to our ministry and mortgage expenses.  The pastor, staff and other volunteers promises to provide you with pastoral care.


How do I register?

In order to become a registered parishioner, you will need to meet with one of our pastors.  Please call or email to schedule a meeting.  Also, prior to the meeting, please click on the New Parishioner Registration Form link at the bottom of the page, print it, fill it out, and bring with you to your meeting.


If I grew up here in the area, attended catechism classes and received the sacraments from Sacred Heart, aren't I automatically considered a registered parishioner?

We consider you a register member under your parents' household until you are the age of 18*.  Then you will need to register separately from your parents (even if you still are living at that same address) in order to remain a registered member.  Please click on the New Parishioner Registration Form, print it, fill it out and turn it into the parish office to continue membership.

*Unless you are a college student, then you remain under your parents' household until you are the age of 22.   If you are (or parent of) a college student, be sure to get the school address to the parish office in order to receive your College Care Packages.


Once I become a member, what happens?

First, Welcome to the family! 

Second, If you prefer to donate online, click here for the WeShare link.  Through this secure site you can set up "recurring" donations or "one time" donations.  If you do not wish to donate online, Offertory Envelopes will be mailed to you on a monthly basis.

Third, Get Involved!  Although you filled out the Stewardship of Time & Service on the registration form, you need not wait for a phone invite.  We're family!


New Parishioner Form for Sacred Heart, Horicon